Warner Bros Movie World Rides

Rides at Warner Bros Movie World

Spend an incredible day enjoying the park's thrilling rides at Warner Bros. Movie World, located on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Dc Rivals Hypercoaster is the longest and fastest ride in the Southern Hemisphere with a 89-degree drop. Warner Bros movie world rides like Scooby-doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation, Green Lantern Coaster, and Superman Escape are overloaded with adventure and are only for the strong hearted ones. Kids can enjoy rides like Sylvester And Tweety Cages, Speedy Gonzales’ Tijuana Taxis, and Yosemite Sam Railroad that are 100% safe and promise the kids an extraordinary experience. Road Runner Rollercoaster is a junior roller coaster with mild twists and drops. Looney Tunes Carousel is the family carousel ride that gives the entire family an exhilarating experience.

Dc Rivals Hypercoaster

Try your hand at the Southern Hemisphere's highest, longest, and fastest ride, found only at Warner Bros. Movie World. The DC Rivals HyperCoaster features one of the world's first non-inverted loops after a frightening 89-degree drop from the Joker's lair. With a Fast Photo Ride Pass, you can take home as many digital copies of your ride photos as you want as a souvenir of your exciting experience.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Guests under 130 cm tall and under 7 years of age are not permitted in this ride.
  • People with prosthetic limbs have to remove them before the ride.
  • Guests should maintain ride posture all through the journey for safety reasons.
Wild West Falls Adventure Ride

One of the most sought-after Warner Bros movie world rides, this ride will take you on an exciting adventure through the countryside. Out in the Wild West, you'll pass by some ghost towns, geysers, and waggon trains before ending your journey with a splash. There will be plenty of excitement, drops, and splashes on this ride.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Riders must be over 130 cm tall
  • Children between 95 cm - 130 cm must ride with an adult
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster Next Generation

You'll board the Jester Cars through the haunted castle of Mondavarious. The actual journey begins after this, and it promises to be an exciting one full of scary surprises and nail-biting roller coaster action with next generation special effects, projections and lasers. This indoor wild mouse coaster is one of the most loved Warner Bros movie world rides that promises unadulterated fun and thrill

Rules and Regulations:

  • Children must be at least 110cm tall. Those shorter than 120cm must ride with an adult.
  • People with certain health problems are not allowed to ride.
Green Lantern Coaster

The Green Lantern Coaster features one of the world's steepest inverted drops. Enjoy the thrill of traveling 488 meters of track at speeds of up to 66 kilometers per hour. The ride has the steepest inverted drops in the Southern Hemisphere, perfect for tipping and barrel rolls. With stats like this, this is undeniably one of most thrilling Warner Bros movie world rides.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Riders must be 140cm tall
  • Parent swap available
  • People with certain medical conditions are prohibited from riding
Superman Escape

Get propelled forward at 100 kilometers per hour in just two seconds on the Metropolis Rollercoaster Subway, courtesy of this SUPERMAN ride. You'll experience a bang, a rumble, and possibly even a mini-earthquake while on the ride! With mind boggling vertical climbs and high speeds, Superman Escape finds itself a place in the list of top Warner Bros movie world rides.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Riders need to be between 140 and 196 centimeters in height
  • Kids and even some adults may find the special effects intense.
Doomsday Destroyer

You can find Doomsday Destroyer in an interactive themed precinct, and it will teach you that sometimes it's okay to be bad in a world full of villains. It's possible that you might skip a heartbeat in the DOOMSDAY Destroyer's terrifying looping action and high speeds of 36 kilometers per hour as you soar to a height of 21 meters. No doubt, this is one of the most daunting Warner Bros movie world rides.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Riders must be at least 130 cm tall and no taller than 200cm.
  • Riding is prohibited for people with certain medical conditions.
Sylvester And Tweety Cages

One of the fun-filled Warner Bros movie world rides, Sylvester and Tweety Cages is a perfect ride for kids. Offering "Mild" level of difficulty/adventure, kids can join Tweety in the cages as they try to escape from Sylvester. Entering one of Tweety's bird cages will provide kids with countless hours of entertainment as the cages rotate, rise, and fall.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Riders must be at least 90cm tall and no more than 145 cm tall.
Speedy Gonzales’ Tijuana Taxis

Offering "Mid Thrill Level", this ride tops the list of Warner Bros movie world rides for families with kids.At Speedy Gonzales, you can hop in a taxi and speed through Tijuana. Childrenwho are eager to take the wheel will love this ride. The ride has single seat cars for maximum fun for the kids and controlled tracks for safety measures.

Rules and Regulations:

  • This is ride has a height restriction (106CM – 145CM)
  • People with certain medical conditions are not allowed to ride.
Road Runner Rollercoaster

This junior coaster is another family entertainer Rides at warner bros movie world and mild twists, steeps, and drops. Take a ride on the dizzying Road Runner roller coaster as it winds its way through the Arizona desert on its way to the ACME fireworks factory

Rules and regulations:

  • Height restriction: Minimum height requirement is 110 CM, children from 110 CM - 120 CM should be accompanied by an adult
Yosemite Sam Railroad

Yosemite Sam takes the kids on an exciting train ride on his desert Railroad .Kids can enjoy a fun train ride around the Yosemite Sam Railroad, which is located in the Kids' WB! Fun Zone, by climbing aboard the Yosemite Sam when it is ready to depart and taking a ride around the track.

Rules and Regulations:

  • Children between 0cm and 110cm must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Certain medical conditions prohibit individuals from riding.
Batwing Spaceshot

Prepare yourself for an epic adrenaline rush at Batwing Spaceshot. The ride launches you nearly 60 meters into the air and concludes with bungee-like bounces, so prepare to lose your stomach. The ride covers exactly 678 meters as it shoots up and down and the top speed reached by this ride is 72 kmph. This is one of the most Rides at warner bros movie world that can make you go dizzy!

Rules and Regulations:

  • Riders must be minimum 123 cm tall
  • Parent swap available.
Looney Tunes Carousel

Choose your favorite Looney Tunes character and hop aboard for a fun carousel ride. Each carriage can accommodate four adults or six children, or one guest per character. Additionally, there are 24 carriages inspired by Looney Characters to choose from.

Rules and regulations:

  • Children under 105 cm should be accompanied by an adult.

FAQ's of Warner Bros Movie World

Can I book Warner Bros Movie World Gold Coast Tickets online?

Yes, definitely. You can book Warner Bros Movie World Gold Coast Tickets online.

How much is the tickets price for Warner Bros Movie World Gold Coast?

The One Pass Locals tickets start at $219.00 and give you entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet'n'Wild and Paradise Country. The ticket comes with unlimited entry to the parks for 12 months from the date of first visit.

How much time is required to properly visit Warner Bros Movie World?

You can easily spend a full day at Warner Bros Movie World enjoying all the rides and shows.

Do you have to pay for individual rides at Warner Bros Movie World?

No. You do not have to pay for individual rides at Warner Bros Movie World. Just the gate pass is sufficient.

What are the tips to visit Warner Bros Movie World?

  • Booking you tickets online and in advance helps you secure a spot and grab a deal even on the crowdest days.
  • Expect to spend a whole day at this theme park.
  • Do not miss the Hollywood Stunt Driver 2 Experience and the Batman Legacy Exhibition.
  • Carry enough water.
  • Pack a hat and sunscreen without fail.

Which are the other theme parks to visit in Gold Coast?

  • Dreamworld
  • SeaWorld
  • Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast
  • White Water World
  • Nickelodeon Land
  • Sea World Marine Park
  • Dreamworks Experience
  • Paradise Country

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