Axe Throwing in Gold Coast

Axe Throwing Experience in Gold Coast

The newest adrenaline-pumping competitive activity, axe throwing is great for letting off steam and forgetting about your worries. The Miami, Gold Coast location offers a 90-minute private lane session with full instruction and expert coaching. To begin your lesson, your teacher will go over some basic safety procedures for throwing the SOG Tomahawks. Learners will be guided through the proper use of both tiny and large axes pointed at targets before competing with their loved ones. Sessions for axe throwing can be scheduled at any time of day or night, making it a convenient choice for both dating nights and office outings. There is no prerequisite for knowledge or ability, as instruction is provided for all levels. Axe throwing in Gold Coast will give you a chance to channel your inner lumberjack for 1.5 hours. Receive professional instruction before challenging a friend or partner to a match. One lane, set to the music of your choice, will be reserved for each booking. First, you'll receive a safety briefing, and then you'll head over to your lane. Master the art of axe throwing by practising on wooden targets with two different types of axes. Throwing axes is fun for people of all ages and skill levels, making it perfect for social gatherings or romantic date nights. You're invited to a fun and safe event where you can try out Australia's newest competitive sport.

Book Axe Throwing in Gold Coast Online

The one and a half hour session of Axe throwing in Gold Coast will let you harness your inner lumberjack, so you must get tickets in advance. Skilled instructors will show students of all ages how to throw a regular axe accurately and effectively. This package includes both training and the usage of necessary equipment. In addition, when you schedule a session via the website, you'll receive a voucher that's good for thirty days, in addition to massive savings and unbelievable offers.

Axe Throwing Gold Coast Package Options

90-Minute Axe Throwing Experience

Schedule this 90-minute game session with your loved ones and see how good you are at throwing giant axes at a bullseye board. Learners will be guided through the proper use of both tiny and large axes pointed at targets before competing with their loved ones. In addition, you'll have access to all relevant tools and safety gear as inclusions in the package.

Quick Chuck

Short on time but eager to experience the thrill of the blade? You need some quick Chuck! Axe throwing for one full hour! This session is designed to give you a taste of axe throwing and includes everything you need to get started, from lanes reserved for your group size (groups of 1-3 get one lane, groups of 4-6 get two), to a quick safety briefing and some pointers from our resident Axepert. The duration of Axe throwing in Gold Coast will be 60 minutes, and you can schedule it any day of the week.

Forty Bucks Chuck

The Forty-Buck Chuck @ MANIAX is a fantastic opportunity to relieve tension, practise your hatchet-throwing skills, or simply have a good time for a low price. One normal beer, wine, or non-alcoholic drink; a safety and coaching session with a MANIAX AXE-pert; an hour of axe throwing in a single lane for parties of one to three people; or two lanes for groups of four to six people. Appointments for Axe throwing in Gold Coast can be scheduled there Monday through Thursday before 6 p.m., excluding major holidays.

A Private Session

Two-hour, privately hosted sessions are the pinnacle of Axe throwing in Gold Coast fun for any size group. You'll begin with some one-on-one instruction and target practise before competing in an axe-throwing tournament against your pals. Your session will begin with an overview of the venue and safety procedures, followed by instruction from an "Axe-pert" who will detail the two distinct approaches to throwing an axe (one and two-handed). Time will be allotted for both individual instruction from your Axe-pert during target practice and a group contest to determine the ultimate axe throwing champion.

Treat Yo ‘elf this Axe-Mas

Every (sleigh) bell and whistle is present during this two-hour session of Axe throwing in Gold Coast ! Included in the Treat Yo' Elf the Axe-mas package are two hours of private axe throwing instruction, a welcome non-alcoholic beverage for each guest, and a shared antipasto platter. Also included are a variety of pizzas for sharing and a one-hour supply of beer, wine, and soft drinks from the Standard beverages package. Make sure to ask about any additional food and drink packages that may be offered before making a reservation.

Know Before You Go Axe Throwing in Gold Coast

Essential Information
How to Reach
Inclusions & Exclusions
  • Timing: Axe Throwing in Gold Coast takes place 7 days a week but at different session times. The first session is from 11 AM - 12:30 PM, second from 1 PM - 2:30 PM, third from 3 PM - 4:30 PM, fourth from 5 PM - 6:30 PM, and the fifth one is from 7 PM - 8:30 PM.

  • Location: Axe Throwing in Gold Coast takes place at Lumber Punks is located at 19 Ozone Parade, Miami.

  • By Car:

You can get there from the heart of Gold Coast in around 13 minutes by automobile, as it is only 9.7 kilometres away.

  • By Bus:

A bus departs Surfers Paradise every 4 minutes and will take you to Santa Monica's Gold Coast Highway in as little as 15 minutes. It's a seven-minute stroll from there to the event venue.

  • Axe throwing in Gold Coast involves hurling an axe at a wall target and hoping for a direct strike.
  • Get to know your trainer and get the lowdown on how to swing an axe without injuring yourself.
  • Learn how to throw better by playing this game with other athletes or by yourself.
  • Take advantage of this fun 90-minute activity with your loved ones and remember these times forever.


  • The session will be of 1.5 hours
  • The entire session will consist of training and instruction
  • Using two distinct kinds of axes in one throw
  • You will throw axe with your favourite tunes playing in the background


  • Beverages and snacks are not included in the package.
  • When throwing axes, safety is of paramount importance.
  • Make sure there is nothing or no one in the throwing area for at least six feet before you release the ball.
  • It is important to throw and retrieve the axes in unison if you are at a venue or tossing with a partner.
  • A person learning to throw should start by using both hands.

FAQ's Of Axe Throwing in Gold Coast

What is the age limit for axe throwing in Gold Coast ?

The age limit for Axe throwing in Gold Coast is 14 years. Ages 14 –17 qualify for the child price, while those 18 and up are subject to the adult rate.

What is the average session timing of axe throwing Gold Coast ?

The average session timing of axe throwing in Gold Coast is 1 to 1.5 hours. However, the timings can be more or less as per the package you choose.

What are the things included in Axe Throwing in Gold Coast?

  • Before beginning the exercise, there will be a demonstration and instruction on proper safety procedures.
  • All the gear you need to have a great time axe throwing on the Gold Coast.
  • Complete and proper protective equipment.
  • An authentic axe-throwing adventure that lasts for a full 90 minutes.

What to wear for participating in Axe Throwing in Gold Coast?

You can put on boots, sneakers, crocks, flats, or running shoes to participate in axe throwing in Gold Coast. Wear footwear that completely encloses and shields your feet. Axe throwing at Lumber Jack's requires that patrons wear shoes with closed toes.

Is there any private session of axe throwing on the Gold Coast?

Yes, there is a private session of axe throwing in Gold Coast, which lasts for two hours and is applicable for groups of any size.

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