Gold Coast Jetski Tours

Experience Jet Ski in Gold Coast

While in Gold Coast, set out on an exhilarating trip as you blast your way along picturesque sub-tropical shores by opting for the Gold Coast jetski tours. These high speed rides take you meandering through beautiful beaches, islands, sandbars, and mangroves. So sit on the back of a high-powered ultra-modern jet ski and get ready to explore the sights, adventures, and sounds from the Broadwater. Enjoy the best Jet ski safari gold coast prices and get unique experiences, thrilling hairpin bends, a splash in the clear waters, the beautiful Australian flora and fauna, refreshments at a beachfront bar, and much more.

Why to Book Gold coast Jet ski tours?

Book your tickets at least Gold Coast jetski tours prices to experience the thrill and exhilaration of zipping through the city’s waterways on a high-speed ride. We help you enjoy your tour in the most convenient and hassle free manner by booking your ride from the comforts of your home for a date and time slot according to your preference. You can partake of an advanced jet ski ride on the Seadoo jet skis where almost 35 skis are available. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced level rider, we can help you with the perfect setting and equip you with all the safety guidelines. You will also be accompanied by a friendly and skillful guide with the knowledge of different watercraft who will help you make the most of your jet ski safari Gold Coast. So race through the region’s exciting waters at breakneck speeds and enjoy a safe yet adrenaline- pumping ride by getting a jet ski hire Gold Coast.

Types of Gold Coast Jet Ski Tours

30 Minute Jet Ski Circuit

Book one of the shortest yet most exciting Gold Coast jetski tours and discover the unparalleled fun of racing on a jet ski circuit. If you are a novice at the sport, this is one of the best options for you as it requires absolutely no experience. You will also be accompanied by a team of the most skillful and friendly guides at all times. Set out on this 30-minute course where you get to try out new moves and put your skills to test in a safe environment as you get the Gold Coast jetski tours prices.

30 Minute Jet Ski Safari

Get an edge of the seat thrill by opting for one of the shortest yet most adventure packed Gold Coast rental jetski tours. You can begin by testing your skills with a practice round on the 1 km track and once you have gained enough confidence, blast your way past the stunning shores of South Stradbroke Island heading North. Enjoy riding past exotic beaches, islands, sandbars, and be prepared for some exciting wildlife sightings as well.

1-Hour Jet Ski Safari

Set out on one of the latest models of the Seadoo GTS jet skis with the most modern features and enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. Opt for the most exhilarating Gold Coast jetski hire tours and embark on an hour long South Stradbroke Island adventure. The ride will take you along the mesmerizing coastline of the south Stradbroke Island as you head north for almost 15 km. Find yourself meandering through beautiful beaches, islands, mangroves and much more before making your way back.

1.5-Hour Jet Ski Safari

This is counted among the most popular Gold Coast jetski tours for the ultimate experience of this tropical wonderland. Set off on a heart racing ride past the beautiful shores of the South Stradbroke Island while heading north almost 20 km. Make a pit stop at a stunning tropical bar on the island for refreshments before finding your way back. If you are here on a weekend, you can also partake of the breakfast safari amidst the breathtaking scenery.

2.5-Hour Jet Ski Safari

Experience the fun and thrill as you steer away from the beaten tracks on one of the most exciting Gold Coast jetski tours. This is an absolute must-try for all adventure seekers as you get to blast your way through high tide passages and weave through several kilometers of wild mangroves. Zip right through the heart of untamed flood plains all the way up to Nth which straddie on a good 80 km round. On your return journey make a stopover at the only beachfront Island pub for refreshments and a dip in the water.

3 Hour Jet Ski Aqua Lap Tour

If you are a thrill seeker, this is certainly one of the best jet ski safari Gold Coast that you should be opting for. Sit atop your high-powered jet ski ride and get ready to snake your way through miles of wild waters and mangroves. Feel your heart racing as you make those hairpin bends and enjoy the sights of the country’s rich flora and fauna. Stop for a short break at the Tipplers Resort before heading off to your final destination, a stunning lagoon. Take a refreshing dip and even go snorkeling in the clear waters by using a modern 180-degree dive mask.

Gold Coast Jet Ski Combo Tours

Jet Ski + Parasail

Choose one of the most exciting Gold Coast jetski tours that will give you a combination of two adrenaline pumping rides. Make the best memories with your entire family and friends on the 30 minutes Jet Ski River Run that you will take on a shared basis followed by a parasail flight. This is also a great value for money option without having to compromise on your adventure spirit. Fly up to a heart racing height of almost 300 feet above the Gold Coast Waterway and soak in the breathtaking breath-taking 360-degree views of the scenery below.

Jet Ski + Jet Boat

Explore the hidden islands of the area from atop one of the most high-powered and modern rides with this jet ski hire Gold Coast. Set out from the GC Jet Base at Marina Mirage and embark on a thrilling ride through Gold Coast’s remarkable Broadwater at a speed of up to 75 kph in the 400hp 6.2 V8 Jet boat. To add further excitement to your experience, the tour includes heart stopping 360 degree spins, fishtailing, and high speed slides. Zip past the breathtaking scenic beauty of the South Stradbroke Island in the Moreton Bay marine park and make a couple of pit stops at Wave Break Island and Southport Seaway.

Jet ski + parasail + Jet boat

Go for this exciting jet ski rental Gold Coast combo that also gets you a jet boat and tandem parasail experience. Soar like a bird at a height of almost 300 feet above the ground behind a 400 hp Fastlane purpose built parasail boat. The 360 degree views of the Gold Coast, from North Stradbroke Island to Coolangatta and the Hinterland is absolutely breathtaking. The Jet Boat ride is equally exhilarating with full 360 spins, beach buzzing, and high speed drifting. Ride your own jet ski and feel free as you zip along the hidden islands of Surfers Paradise.

Jet ski + flyboard

Ride your own jet ski to experience the freedom and incredible exhilaration as you explore the wild waterways. Go past the breathtakingly beautiful islands of Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast in beautiful Queensland. Challenge yourself with one of the trendiest adventure sports of flyboarding and take flight on a jetpack. You will jump as high above the water as your jet pack unit blasts hundreds of liters of water followed by a dive under the same water. You will be well harnessed with all the necessary safety gear and be under the guidance of qualified instructors throughout your adventure.

Jet ski + parasail + flyboard

Designed especially for hardcore thrill seekers, this unique combination guarantees to set your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Glide across the skies like a bird as you soar almost 300 feet above the ground in the wake of a 400 hp Fastlane purpose built parasail boat. Enjoy the spectacular views of the scenery below right from North Stradbroke Island to Coolangatta. Follow this with a ride on your very own jet ski and tear through the waters at high speed exploring the rich blue wonders of beautiful Queensland. The thrill does not end here as you now head for a new and exciting experience of flying through the air on a jetpack.

30 min Jet Ski Safari + 60 Minute Balloon Flight with optional Champagne Breakfast

Spend a memorable hour cruising your way above the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland aboard a hot air balloon. Opt for this exceptional combo offer on your Gold Coast jetski tours that blends the heart racing thrill of a water adventure with the serenity of an aerial ride. Fly over the Gold Coast indulging in a glass of champagne and soak in the breathtaking scenic beauty gliding past under your feet. Make your way from here to your jet ski safari base and set out on a high speed escapade across the beautiful shores of South Stradbroke Island.

Know Before You Hire Jet Ski in Gold Coast

Essential Information
  • Location: Located within the Tiki Village of 58 Cavill Ave,Surfers Paradise

  • Best time: The best time of the year to go for jet skiing is between the months of May and October when the weather is warm and balmy, ideal for all water activities and tours. If you wish to avoid the crowds however, you should go during the off-season.

  • Age & Height restrictionsThe minimum age for Jet Ski is 12 years and minimum height is 100 cms

  • Well trained guided induction into the activity with all necessary gears, equipment, and instructions
  • High speed jet ski ride along the shores of Gold Coast
  • Use of an advanced high-powered ultra-modern jet ski
  • Stopovers at beachfront bars for refreshments
  • Wear a life jacket and watercraft helmet at all times
  • Keep your head straight and look out in the distance as opposed to the handle bars for the best experience
  • Sit leaning forward slightly and relax your grip so that your hands do not get tired easily

FAQ's of Gold Coast Jetski Tours

What is the best time for a jet ski tour?

The best time of the day for a jet ski tour is in the morning hours when the waters are most calm and the weather is ideal. The months between May and October are the best time of the year for the activity as the weather is warm and perfect for outdoor sports.

What is the age limit for jet skiing ?

You have to be a minimum of 12 years to be able to partake of the Gold Coast jetski tours. You will also be under the supervision of expert guides and will have to undergo a detailed safety induction.

Can I bring food with me?

No, you cannot bring food with you on your jet ski safari Gold Coast. There are special tours available that also include refreshments or breakfast and lunch that you can opt for.

What to wear during a jet ski tour?

A jet ski tour involves getting wet and thus you should wear clothes that are quick, dry and comfortable. Swimsuits, swimming trunks and wetsuits are the best options for jet skiing

What is the average cost of Jet Skiing ?

Jet ski safari gold coast prices can range from $65 to $400 based on the kind of tour you are opting for. There are tours that last 30 minutes as well as those that go up to 3 hours and prices vary accordingly.

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