Escape Rooms in Gold Coast

Escape Rooms in Gold Coast

Gold Coast escape rooms are an evolving space for enhancing your bond with your friends and family while simultaneously enjoying activities that allow you to solve mysteries, puzzles and riddles in a themed room. The rooms are equipped with high-tech probs that let you venture through a murder mystery, plan an escape from jail and strike a heist at the banks. At different escape rooms you would find themed rooms of genres like horror, murder mystery, assassination attempts and much more. At Lost Locks there are a range of brain twisting games arranged for kids while at Padlocks and FOx in a Box highly intricately designed imaginative games at escape rooms for adults have been put up.

Fox In A Box Gold Coast Escape Rooms

An entertaining and challenging place where you could indulge in several experiences at zombie lab, prison break, mastermind: a heist story, etc. At the escape room in Gold Coast imagine yourself facing the dangers of the security of a prestigious vault at United Bank to get your hands on the precious diamonds. In another adventure you’ve to enter a Saloon and get its hidden gold and the Bunker room you’ve a special task at hand of finding out who initiated the nuclear launch before the world comes to an end.

Escape Hunt Gold Coast

You’re welcomed into one of the most exciting Gold Coast escape rooms where you’d pick from the intense and adrenaline pumping brain games and delve into the mystery. The choices at your hands are ‘A timely escape’, ‘the rising alchemist’, ‘the lost weapon’ and ‘murder in the cellar’. Every games has been designed brilliantly with intricate detailing, in ‘A timely escape’ you’ve been wrongly accused of murder and in ‘the rising alchemist’ you’ve the task of finding about his evil plans.

Padlock Escape Rooms

In this interesting and brain twisting escape room in Gold Coast you’re going to be padlocked inside a room and it’s upon you and your team to find out the clues to get out of the room. To make the challenges even more exciting you could try other challenges like that of Safe House: Mission 2 where you’ve to stop a cynical CEO from launching an app that tracks every move across the world. Take your kids to ‘The Nightmare’ and let them adventure into the world of nightmares of a friend called Sam in an attempt to save him.

Lost Locks Escape Rooms

The Gold Coast escape rooms at Lost Locks are a perfect adventure with exciting challenges for kids of young age. They would indulge in several brainstorming puzzles suited for their age to make their way through the games like ‘cottage capers’, ‘twisted trials’, ‘buccaneers bounty’ and many others. The games would last an hour during which you'd have to solve as many as 14 puzzles, failing which you’d exit the game and the staff would unravel the mysteries for you.

Epic Escape

Enjoy an opportunity to bond with your friends and family at the Gold Coast escape rooms over several puzzling challenges. At Epic Escape there are different theme based rooms like ‘Escape Room: Blood’ is filled with horrific clues and at ‘Escape Room: Jilted’ is a murder mystery that awaits you. The most fun room is the ‘smash room’ where you’re allowed to smash everything or objects that you can put your hands on. It’s advisable to reach the venue with your teams 15 minutes before the game begins and enjoy it fully.

Eclipse Escape Room

The Gold Coast escape rooms at Eclipse are famously renowned high-tech and prop based rooms with five different themes to choose from. Here, you’d be locked in a themed room of your choice with your team, given puzzles to solve and escape the jail. At ‘the Magic Moonstone’ you’d have to stop the evil sorcerer Morpheus from casting the Eternal Darkness spell, at ‘ Knights Templar’ you’ve the task of uncovering the mystery of a religious order which existed 700 years ago.

Entrapment Escape Rooms

Ace yourself to enjoy different experiences at Gold Coast escape rooms at the themed rooms of Entrapment series like ‘Panic’ and ‘Sacrifice’. The horrific clues of the Ghost platforms include haunting voices and paranormal activity while at ‘sacrifice’ the crypt door would shut behind you to leave you alone in a room and solve cryptic puzzles. In an adrenaline pumping activity at ‘Hitman’ you’ve rescued yourself from the assassin hired by your boss. In another interesting escape room ‘Delirium’ you’ve games, puzzles, theming and ideas to work through and make an escape while enjoying the unique personal adventure.

Strike Escape Room

Enjoy an escape at Strike Escape room with your friends and family to pump your adrenaline rush and enjoy brainstorming activities. In a 50 minutes long adventure you and your team would work together to find hidden objects, clues for puzzles and solve riddles to beat the clock. You’d enjoy a real-life puzzle experience at Strike with ample clues, riddles and puzzles to work through to make an escape.

FAQ's of Gold Coast

Which are the top attractions to visit in Gold Coast?

The city of Gold Coast is full of several adventures where you’d enjoy adventurous activities like parasailing, surfing, scuba diving, etc., and a trip to wildlife sanctuaries like Currumbin. There are several sightseeing lunches, dinner or sunset river cruise that allow you to enjoy the beautiful skyline as well as the sea. You could also participate in an escape room in Gold Coast where you enjoy several brain twisting puzzles, riddles and mysteries.

Which are the best water activities to enjoy in Gold Coast?

The best water activities that you can enjoy in Gold Coast are jet boat rides in Surfers Paradise, parasailing at Main Beach and Snorkelling tours at picturesque Wave Break island.

How many days are enough for Gold Coast?

You must spend a minimum of five days in the city to enjoy its beaches, wildlife parks, picturesque islands and its brain twisting escape rooms.

What should I not miss on the Gold Coast?

While in the city you must indulge in experiences like a Quack duck’s land and sea tour, hot air balloon ride, enjoy trekking challenges, meet tropical wildlife animals at the springbrook national park and enjoy thrilling rides at the theme parks.

What is Gold Coast most known for?

Gold Coast is one of the most premium tourist holiday locations in Australia that is famous for its beaches suitable for beaches, adventurous theme parks, hinterland and several brain twisting Gold Coast escape rooms.

Is the Gold Coast worth visiting?

Yes, the city is a worth visiting spot that allows you to enjoy several picturesque beaches, unspoiled national parks, brainstorming escape rooms and plenty of adventure for people of all ages.

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