Dreamworld Gold Coast Rides

Dreamworld Gold Coast Rides

Considered to be the best theme parks in Australia, Dreamworld Gold Coast is a perfect getaway to escape the city's heat with amazing attractions and rides in all of the Gold Coast. One of the biggest attractions is the Dreamworld gold coast rides which are available for both adventure and non-adventure seekers including rides such as the Giant Drop, Steel Taipan, Motocoaster, Tail Spin and many more that you can avail from buying Dreamworld Tickets. The park is also home to many animals such as Kangaroos, Wombats, and Koalas, and is also known for its Tiger island where you can spot many species of tigers. Visit this amazing park where you can splash around the White Water World, meet your favorite DreamWorks movie characters, and also Shop at DreamWorld’s stores which have many products and exclusive merchandise.

Steel Taipan
  • One of the most thrilling Dreamworld gold coast rides, the Steel Taipan is a reptilian roller coaster that will take you on a journey of 1.2 km with many twists, turns, and launches that will make you shout your heart out.
  • This amazing ride has a speed of 105 km per hour, the ride also has a spinning seat at the rear of the train which will take this experience to a whole new level.

Restrictions- Min and max height - 130 cm/ 200 cm- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

The Giant Drop
  • Not for the faint of the heart, the giant drop is one of the most adrenaline-filled Dreamworld gold coast rides and also the tallest free-falling ride in Australia.
  • Try this ride which will take you 119 meters above the ground which is over 39 stories and will plummet you back to the ground with a speed of 135 km per hour.

Restrictions:RestrictionsMin and max height - 120 cm/195 cmAge - 10 years and abovePregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

The Claw
  • Another thrilling Dreamworld gold coast rides, the claw is known to be the most powerful pendulum in the world.
  • Go on this amazing ride and get a chance to soar through the sky with some amazing twists and turns.
  • The ride will take up to 8 storeys high and swing you while it spins for 360 degrees with 64 km per hour.

Restrictions:Min and max height - 120 cm/ 200 cmAge - 10 years and abovePregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

The Gold Coaster
  • Take a ride through the Gold coast circa 1970 with the Dreamworld rides at Gold Coast and imagine you are crushing the cost on this amazing gold coaster.
  • The ride will take you on a 360-degree loop with a speed of 85 km per hour with lots of curves and epic loops.

Restrictions:- Min and max height - 120 cm / 205 cm- Age - 10 years and above- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

  • There are many thrilling Rides at dreamworld gold coast and one of the most exciting and popular rides is the Pandamonium where you can spin around and swing as you try to endure the ride with its calm rotation.
  • You can choose between the "not-so-crazy" line and the "hard style" based on your adventure level and enjoy this amazing ride.

Restrictions:- Min height - 120 cm - Max weight per Gondola - 300 kg- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

  • Experience the first motorbike roller coaster in Australia which features a life-size replica of a racing bike of 500 ccs and comprises 14 custom-made motorbikes and two sidecars that are designed for children and specially-challenged guests.
  • The sidecars are aerodynamically profiled which makes them perfect for children.
  • Ride on a fluid track with thrilling high-speed corners at a speed of 72km per hour.

Restrictions:Min and max height - 110 cm / 196 cmHeight with adult - 110 - 135 cmPregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

Tail Spin
  • One of the most popular Dreamworld rides at the Gold Coast, Tailspin will give you the experience of flying on an airplane where you can witness the amazing views of the Ocean Parade.
  • Onboard one of the twelve mini-sized airplanes and soar above 22 meters to get a bird's eye view of the amusement park.
  • Hold on tight as the plane starts to whip through the air at a speed of 33 km per hour with heart-racing spins up to 22 m above the ground.

Restrictions:- Min height - 130 cm- Max weight - 120 kg- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

  • Go on a high-speed deep-sea discovery journey with your complete family and lock yourself on the seat and get ready to experience 360-degree spins on the vessel.
  • Go on a long 63-meter track that resembles a wave with a speed of 50 km per hour which plunges and circles at 12 revolutions per minute.
  • There are 24 seats per cycle and is one of the best rides to enjoy with your complete family or friends.

Restrictions:- Min height - 120 cm- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

Gingy's Gliders
  • There are many Rides at dreamworld gold coast which can be enjoyed with family and Gingy's Gliders is one of them.
  • You and your friends or family and lie on the carriages which are gingy-shaped and soar through the air and fly among many lollipops and gummy drop buttons.
  • The ride is moderate and best for people and children who are not looking for a lot of adventure.

Restrictions:- Min height - 105 cm- Max weight - 125 kg- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

Dronkey Flyers
  • If you are looking for Dreamworld rides at gold coast for kids, you cannot miss out on the Dronkey Flyers.
  • This merry-go-round is in the shape of half donkey and half dragon where the dragon teaches her children on how to fly on this beautiful ride.
  • Kids can be accompanied by parents or adults on this ride.

Restrictions:- Min height - 105 cm- Max weight - 100 kg- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

Dreamworld Express
  • Go on a scenic trip on this beautiful vintage train with beautiful carriages with safety and accessibility features for all guests.
  • Choose from 108 seats available on the train which departs every 20 mins from Central Park Station and enjoy the beautiful views along the dream world.
  • The dreamworld express has flexible seating options and many carriages also have wheelchair access.
  • There are no restrictions, however, children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult. Pregnant women can ride at their own discretion.
Sky Voyager
  • One of the best Dreamworld rides at gold Coast, Get a chance to take a flight overlooking the most beautiful landscape in the Southern Hemisphere’s first flying theater.
  • The ride has modern state-of-the-art technology which features motion-programmed seating and special effects such as sound, mist wind, and many others.
  • Take this flight and explore 12 regions in Australia in five and a half-minute flight experience.

Restrictions:- Min Height - 130 cm if unaccompanied- Min Height With Adult - 100 cm- Age - 4 and above- Max weight - 120 kg

Big Red Boat
  • One of the most popular Dreamworld rides at gold Coast for kids, the Big Red Boat is just like its name and can carry 3-4 kids at a single time.
  • Go on a boating adventure as your kids can experience the splash of the water along with their friends.

Restrictions:- Min Height - 105 cm if unaccompanied- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

Giggle and Hoot Pirate Ship
  • Get a chance to become a pirate for a day and hop aboard to go on a pirate ship adventure. Sail the seas and enjoy the Hoot, Hootabelle, and Pirate Hootbeard.
  • Relax at the portside in the rest area which has a beautiful theme setting and enjoy looking at the beautiful sea you have conquered.

Restrictions:- Min Height - 105 cm if unaccompanied- Pregnant women are not allowed on the ride.

Mad Jungle Jam
  • The best place for your kids to enjoy and have some fun, head over to the Mad Jungle Jam where there are restrictions to enjoy.
  • Kids can play with hundreds of squidgy balls and throw them around for fun, and play with air cannons and foam fountains.
  • They can also head over to the lookout towers and explore this beautiful area along with their friends. Families can also join their kids and have fun as the kids go wild.

FAQ's of Dreamworld Gold Coast

Can I book Dreamworld Gold Coast tickets online?

Yes, one of the most convenient ways to book Dreamworld Gold Coast tickets is by purchasing them online. You will not have to stand in long queues and can directly enter the amusement park and save ample time.

How much does it cost to book Dreamworld Gold Coast tickets?

A single day entry ticket costs between 95 and 100 dollars for children and 105-110 dollars for adults. However, you can also buy tickets for 2 or 3 days which start from 139 dollars.

Are all the rides included in the entry ticket of Dreamworld Gold Coast?

Yes, you can take a one-day ticket which gives you access to all of the Dreamworld Gold Coast rides attractions, entertainment, and wildlife for the day.

What are the facilities available at Dreamworld Gold Coast?

  • There is reserved parking available for vehicles that display a disability parking permit
  • All of the restrooms at the park have wheelchair access.
  • You can also hire wheelchairs at the park.
  • Free in-park Wifi to access the maps and showtimes

What are the tips to visit Dreamworld Gold Coast?

  • Start your day early and get an online map that will help you learn the ride timings and the location.
  • Apply sunscreen and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to stay away from getting dehydrated in the warm weather of Australia.
  • If you are looking to avoid Australia's heat, get a 3-day pass and enjoy the Dreamworld gold coast rides and water world to beat the heat.
  • To avoid a lot of crowds, the best time to visit the park is on weekdays.

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