Wet N Wild Gold Coast Rides

Rides at Wet N Wild Gold Coast

The wet n wild Gold Coast rides are there to fill your heart with thrill through their rapid speeds, vertical drops, twists, and turns is surely one of the best parks in Gold Coast. Located in Australia, the Wet n Wild Gold Coast amusement park brings you the best rides of all time. Ranging from leisure pools like Whirlpool Swings to thrilling ones like rapid-speed Surfrider, the park has to serve every thrill level. You can book Wet n Wild tickets online.

With utmost safety and enjoyment, you can choose among 22 attractions, out of which 17 are water rides. The best rides at the water park include Double Barrel, Super Ripper, Constrictor, Tornado, SkyCoaster, Blackhole, River Rapids, etc.

Double Barrel
  • Standing at a height of 12 m, the double barrel among wet n wild Gold Coast rides presents you with moderate-level thrills.

  • The thrilling ride is the favorite among kids, and tweens according to their height, and weight.

  • You can enjoy this ride with your partner/friend as two people are allowed in one go.

  • It is advisable for people with medical conditions to refrain from the ride.

  • Minimum height: 107 cm

  • Maximum weight for single riders: 135 kg

  • Maximum weight for double riders: 180 kg

Super Ripper
  • The Super Ripper ride soars up 12 m high in the sky with two ultimate new body slices.

  • It is one of those dual rides at wet n wild gold coast that offer you the maximum thrill levels, suitable for brave adventurers, and enthusiasts.

  • You move rapidly through the purple-mint slide and enjoy several heart-pumping blends.

  • One of the newest rides of the wet and wild, the ride is all about plunging a 12 m dual slide.

  • People with medical conditions must refrain from the ride.

  • Minimum Height: 102 cm

  • Individual Maximum Weight: 135 kg

  • The Surfrider is among thrilling wet n wild Gold Coast rides that let you move up, and down through a giant surface.

  • The 30 m riding surface is designed in a form of a blue-colored wave to offer you the best thrill levels.

  • The exhilarating ride continues up to 60 seconds at a whopping speed of 70 kmph.

  • Surfrider continues its motion with the riders seated in a moving circular seat.

  • You can enjoy 360-degree turns spinning on the giant surfboard.

  • Permissible Height Range: 140 cm-196 cm

  • The Constrictor is a moderate ride that combines fun with water.
  • It is a water slide that lets you slip and slide through its beautiful yellow-red color.

  • The 360-degree coils of the slide are themed to plunge you into a large snake’s belly.

  • You can enjoy the thrills of twists and turns at a speed of 30 kmph.

  • The fast photo rider can capture your moments as you glide through the constrictor.

  • Minimum Individual permissible weight: 135 kg

  • Maximum combined permissible weight: 270 kg

  • Minimum height: 110 cm

  • Tornado is in the group of tube water rides at wet n wild gold coast that let you enjoy the maximum thrills.

  • The slide moves through a 40-meter-long tunnel.

  • The ride soars up to a whopping speed of 40 kmph.

  • It is a four-person clover leaf water tube slide that reaches a maximum platform height of 15 meters.

  • Minimum Height: 122 cm

  • Maximum combined weight of four people: 320 kg

  • Just as the name suggests, the sky coaster ride lets you fly up to a staggering height of 50 meters.

  • The suspended cable raises you high as you experience the maximum thrill and witness the panorama of the amusement park.

  • The ride moves you at a whopping speed of 60 kmph in this pay-per-day attraction.

  • Maximum height: 120 cm

  • Maximum combined weight: 350 kg

  • Blackhole is among the tube water wet n wild Gold Coast rides that is a moderate-level tandem inflatable moderate-level ride.

  • The extreme H20 zone pushes you into the darkness through the waters.

  • You move at a speed of 40 kmph in the two enclosed pitch-black spirals.

  • Minimum height: 122 cm

  • Maximum combined weight: 180 kg

Mammoth Falls
  • Mammoth Falls is a white-water raft ride that you can enjoy with your family.

  • This ride features two huge winding water slides, in which you rapidly move down.

  • There is a four-person tube with a width of 4.5 meters, and a length of 250 meters to offer you mild-level twists, and turns.

  • Minimum height: 100 cm

  • Maximum combined weight: 660 kg

  • Staying true to its name, Aqua loop is counted in the body water rides at wet n wild gold coast that lets you in four looping transparent slides.

  • There is a gravity-defying free fall drop that offers you one of the most extreme thrills of the park.

  • You enter the trap door to plunge down at a speed of 60 kmph from a height of 40 ft.

  • Permissible Weight: 45 kg - 120 kg

  • Flowrider lets you test your surfing skills in the continuous waves.

  • The flow of the waves is introduced by smart technology.

  • If you are a novice rider, you can go for Bodyboards.

  • The expert-level surfers enjoy riding on Stand up flow boards.

  • Minimum height for a body board session: 110 cm

  • Minimum height for a stand-up session: 140 cm

River Rapids
  • River Rapids are two-open and two-closed slides that start from White Water Mountain.

  • The mild ride is the kid favorite among wet n wild Gold Coast rides as there is a 150-meter slide time for your little ones to race down.

  • The end of the slide splashes you into the water.

  • Parents usually catch their kids in the splash zone/waters.

  • It is recommended for people with medical conditions to refrain from the ride.

  • Sidewinders are two of the longest slides at Wet n wild Gold Coast.

  • Each of the slides spans 160 meters in length.

  • As you glide down, rapid twists, and turns offer you a rush of adrenaline.

  • Sidewinders is one of the most fun rides to experience, when visiting with your kids; or with your friends.

  • Suitable for adults as well, the sidewinders are for the people looking for an adventure ride.

Super 8 Aqua Racer
  • The Super 8 Aqua Racer is one of the best 8-lane moderate-level family rides at wet n wild gold coast.

  • It is an 8-lane racer that uses smart timing technology at an accuracy of a thousandth of a second.

  • The height of the tower is 18 m with 86-meter-long slides.

  • You can reach up to a speed of 40 kmph

  • Since it is a moderate-level activity, people with chronic illnesses must refrain from the ride.

  • Minimum Height: 120 cm

  • Maximum Weight: 135 kg

  • Kamikaze is a sidewinder amidst all the wild Gold Coast rides to plunge you from a height of 11 meters for maximum thrill.

  • The free-fall starts at a steep 70-degree angle through the giant U-shaped ride.

  • The two-person tube lets you fly forward and reverse back at a speed of 50 kmph.

  • It is one of those fast photo rides in which your moments are captured in time.

  • Minimum height: 110 cm

  • Maximum combined weight: 180 kg

Whirlpool Springs
  • It is one of the mild waving pool wild Gold Coast rides to house 10 hot tubs for 20 people to relax.

  • You can enjoy this mild pool with your friends, and family as it is suitable for all ages.

  • Mostly during the winter, the springs are heated to offer you the best experience.

  • Most people enjoy this warm-up ride in winter after an adventurous day at the park.

  • There is no restriction but parents must accompany their children below the height of 100 cm.

FAQ's of Wet N Wild Gold Coast

Are all the rides included in the entry ticket for wet n wild?

Yes, all rides at wet n wild gold coast are included in the ticket. The ticket lets you gain access to 22 attractions, out of which 17 are water-based rides. You can choose to enjoy Double Barrel, Super Ripper, Surfrider, Constrictor, Tornado, SkyCoaster, Blackhole, Mammoth Falls, AquaLoop, FlowRider, River Rapids, Sidewinders, Super 8 Aqua Racer, Kamikaze, Whirlpool Springs, etc.

How much does it cost to book wet n wild tickets?

The ticket for accessing the wet n wild one park for 1-day is $89.

Can I book Wet N Wild tickets online?

Yes, you can book the tickets for Wet n Wild Gold Coast online from our website. The online tickets can be purchased within a few clicks from the comfort of your home. The website lets you choose the preferred date, and time of your visit. Once you book the tickets, a confirmation message/email is sent to you.

What are the tips to visit wet n wild?

  • Follow the weight, and height restrictions of all the wet n wild gold coast rides for the best experience.

  • Wear comfortable, and appropriate summer light conformable clothing.

  • Carry sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

  • Don’t have metal pieces attached to the clothing you wear.

  • Take a waterproof bag with you.

What are the facilities available in the wet n wild?

  • Guest services are there to assist people with medical conditions, and special abilities.

  • Electronic Lockers: Wet n Wild offers electronic lockers at a few $12- $20 per day.

  • The ATM machine is at the surf shop.

  • Facilities of Lost and Found.

  • Hiring a Wheelchair/Stroller.

  • Aquatic Wheelchair to access the pools.

  • First-aid Center with registered medical practitioners.

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