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Book your Crystal Castle tickets as a short, scenic drive into Byron Bay's hinterland in Gold Goast that leads to a lovely getaway where you can stand in between two of the world's highest crystals and sit in an old amethyst cave. For everyone, the Crystal Castle is a place of amazement because of its quiet ambience and breathtaking natural beauty. The Enchanted Grotto, the largest amethyst grotto in the world, is surrounded by two of the tallest crystals in the world, the Crystal Guardians. Wander the peaceful Shambhala Gardens, discover the historic maze, or fly away in the Wings to Eternity painting. Find out about the unique Kalachakra World Peace Stupa there in the southern hemisphere.

Enjoy a delicious meal and homemade desserts while drinking fresh local coffee on the patio while you take in the breathtaking vistas of the Byron hinterland. Discover Byron's treasure and nourish your spirit. Sit in an old amethyst cave. View uncommon and incredible huge crystals. Take to the skies with the Wings to Eternity mural. Explore the 5-acre botanical Shambhala Gardens and rainforest. Be at peace with Australia's biggest stone, the Blessing Buddha. The Dalai Lama has blessed the World Peace Stupa project.

Why Book Crystal Castle Tickets

  • Crystal castle tickets include a magnificent retreat that awaits a short picturesque drive into Byron Bay's hinterland. Stand between two of the world's highest crystals.

  • Sit in an old amethyst cave.

  • Explore the peaceful Shambhala Gardens and rainforest. At the café, you may have a great meal and handcrafted treats.

  • These are just a handful of the memorable experiences you'll have through crystal castle tickets and Shambhala Gardens.

  • Discover your inner peace while admiring the remarkable artifacts on display, such as Australia's biggest stone Blessing Buddha, or the World Peace Stupa, a project blessed by the Dalai Lama.

  • Pre-book your skip-the-line entrance in crystal castle tickets and Shambhala Gardens to discover a tranquil haven in Byron Bay's hinterland.

  • Wander through the calm Shambhala Gardens and rainforest while standing between two of the world's highest crystals, sitting in an old amethyst cave. Your ticket includes daily guided excursions.

Available Crystal Palace Tickets And tour

Escape the daily grind for a day at the crystal castles tour & Shambhala Gardens to find inner calm and enhance your spirit! Participate in specialty workshops and meditation sessions.Take a look at some of the world's largest crystals. Meditation and crystals have been shown to have therapeutic properties. This should be one of the best experiences one can have.

Crystal Castle & Shambhala Gardens Byron Bay Admission Ticket

Enrich your spirit at Byron's crown treasure, the crystal castles tour & Shambhala Gardens.

For those seeking serenity, this enchanted refuge has many wonderful surprises in store for them. Sit in an old amethyst cave, gaze upon rare gigantic crystals, and discover a labyrinth. Fly across the Wings of Eternity mural and touch the World Peace Stupa. Explore the 5 hectares of floral Shambhala Gardens and rainforest.

Participate in a range of activities such as the Peace Experience, Music of the Plants, and others. If you're traveling with children, there's a playground with gratis face-painting on weekends.

From Byron Bay: Half-Day Trip To Crystal Castle

On this half-day journey, enjoy the relaxing and therapeutic benefits of Byron Bay's Crystal Palace. After being picked up from your Byron Shire accommodation, take a lovely 30-minute journey through the Byron Hinterland to the palace. When you arrive, your guide will give you a quick 10-minute briefing in which you will learn about the different walks and meditation sessions.

You will also be given a guidebook about the crystal castle tickets and tour so that you may explore the complex on your own time. Follow trails like the Buddha Walk through the Shambhala Gardens, the reflexology trek, or the rainforest walk. You will also be able to participate in regular workshops and meditation sessions.

Things To See And Do In Crystal Castle

Shambhala Gardens

The lovely Shambhala Gardens are exquisitely planted subtropical gardens brimming with incredible treasures. During your tranquil garden stroll, you will come across massive stone statues and magnificent crystals, some of which are 500 million years old.

The holy gardens are rich with uncommon flowering plants, and hidden charms such as the stone spiral, a labyrinth, rare crystals, an amethyst rock wall, old geodes, and fossils may be found among the lush vegetation. This therapeutic refuge offers several lovely places for contemplation, and the atmosphere will leave you feeling refreshed and tranquil.

Crystal Guardians

The Shambhala Gardens presently houses two of the world's tallest geodes.The Crystal Guardians are a magnificent smokey quartz geode with delicate smatterings of violet and calcite crystal blooms that stand as sentinels guarding over the land and tower at 5.5 meters tall.

The stunning geodes were transported from a distant area in Uruguay and required expert engineering to endure the weather and stay stable in their new home.

The Dragon Egg

After discovering the world's biggest crystals in 2016, the crystal castles tour will take you back through the journey of creator Naren King and his daughter Ayla set out to realize every crystal lover's fantasy of sitting in a crystal cave. The remarkable 120 million-year-old geode is from Uruguay and is free for all guests to sit within and enjoy.

This spectacular amethyst cave, fondly known as the 'Dragon Egg,' weighs 10 tonnes and is exceptionally unusual due to its exquisite deep purple color. As you sit inside this beautiful area, surround yourself with the incomparable beauty and power of this magnificent crystal, and get a crystal blessing.

Enchanted Cave

A gigantic bubble developed amid a molten lava flow 120 million years ago in northern Uruguay, South America. Millions of small amethyst crystals began to form as a result of extreme pressure, heat, and the presence of iron. Crystal castle tickets and tour includes stories creator Naren and his daughter Manya flew to the location when a farmer spotted this gigantic geode.

We were so taken with this geode that we knew we wanted to carry it home. This magnificent masterpiece of Nature is our 30th anniversary present to the crystal castles tour. We hope you enjoy your visit to the world's largest amethyst cave. The Enchanted Cave is around 5.5 meters wide and weighs more than 20,000 kilos or 20 tonnes.

Know Before You Book Crystal Castle Tickets And Tours

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: Crystal Castle is located on 81 Monet Drive, Mullumbimby. 20 minutes from Byron Bay, 7 minutes from Mullumbimby, 45 minutes from the Gold Coast

Timings: It is open from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening and the last entry is until 4 pm in the evening. Open 5 days Friday to Tuesday 10 am to 5 pm and 7 days during NSW school holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Good Friday

Best Time To Visit: June is a fantastic time to visit Crystal Castle and Shambhala Gardens. It's cold in the mornings and evenings, but it heats up during the day. The roads are a little narrower and windier, but they're great, and even if it's pouring, you'd just follow standard traffic laws.

  • The most convenient solution would be to rent a car and drive yourself. You could do it for around $100, including gas.

  • A bus from Coolangatta to Brunswick Heads or Byron Bay is an option. Each way, take a Premier Bus or a Byron Easy Bus.

  • You may take a local bus to Mullumbimby from Byron or Brunswick.

  • Then you must take a cab from Mullum to Crystal Castle.

  • Alternatively, when you arrive in Brunswick or Byron, do the Vision Walks crystal castles tour We are located at 81 Monet Drive, Mullumbimby, New South Wales, 2482

  • 20 minutes from Byron Bay

  • 40 minutes from the Gold Coast Airport

FAQ's of Crystal Castle

Can I Book Crystal Castle Tickets and tour online?

Yes, you can pre-book the crystal castle tickets and get a day pass to experience the scenic beauty.

Do we have to book in advance for Crystal Castle Tickets?

Yes, you need to pre-book the Crystal Castle tickets to ensure that you can reach the entry as soon as possible.

Do we have to buy separate Crystal Castle tickets for Kids?

Yes, you have to buy a separate ticket for kids for $35 AUD for a single entry.

What makes Crystal Castle so famous?

Book your Crystal court tour and go on a serene and wonderful retreat that is just a short scenic drive into the Byron Bay hinterland. Welcome to the home of the largest and most beautiful natural crystals on the planet, where you may sit in an old crystal cave. Explore the historic labyrinth while strolling through the tranquil Shambhala Gardens, or fly inside the Wings to Eternity mural.

In the southern hemisphere, find the only one Kalachakra World Peace Stupa, a venture supported by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.The legendary Buddha Walk, which is adorned with hand-carved sculpture, towering bamboo, and our 4 meter Blessing Buddha, is visited after the lovely jungle stroll.

When is Crystal Castle open?

Crystal castles tour open from 10 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening and the last entry is until 4 pm in the evening. Open 5 days Friday to Tuesday 10 am to 5 pm and 7 days during NSW school holidays, except Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and Good Friday.

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