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About Paradise Country Farm

If you are looking for family escapes during this holiday season, Paradise Country shall be your sure-shot answer. Paradise Country in Gold Coast is one of the most fascinating places you can visit in Queensland, to get a typical Aussie Farm Experience. With Paradise Country tickets, you can take part in farm activities like animal rearing, shearing, growing plantations and so on. There are a number of themed play areas like the Shaun’s Scrap and Taps, Shearing Shed and Pigs Playground. Paradise Country has countless wildlife experiences to offer! You can visit exhibits like that of the Marmosets, Meerkats, Possums and Dingoes. There are a number of experiences too, like the Save a Mate, where children can join the wildlife keepers in feeding and taking care of the animals there. You can also choose to get behind the scene encounters of animals like koalas and kangaroos with Paradise Country discount tickets. Check out our packages for the best Paradise Country ticket prices!

Why to Book Paradise Country Tickets?

A farm experience at Paradise Country is one of the best ways to spend time with your family in the midst of a rural and natural setting, and surrounded by exotic wildlife. A trip to this farm enables you to enjoy a wide array of things, in a single place - adventure, thrill, creativity and endless memories. Book your Paradise Country discount tickets with us for the best and hassle-free farm experience. We have served hundreds of customers by providing them with some of the top-notch tour experiences. Moreover, booking with us can help you save substantially on your Paradise Country ticket prices.

Attractions at Paradise Country

Shaun’s Scraps and Taps

Grab this opportunity to visit fun places like Shaun’s Scraps and Taps with Paradise Country Discount tickets. Located next to the Farmyard Play Paddock, it is an amazing interactive water play zone for kids, themed after the famous television series - Shaun the Sheep. Let your kids take delight in playing with the water created by the Flock using scrap. There is also a small vegetable garden - the Veggie Patch where you can expose your kids to vegetable plantations.

The Shearing Shed

The Shearing Shed is an amazing and fun place to take your kids. Located close to the Farmhouse Restaurant, this shed is home to the famous Shaun’s Aussie Adventure Show. Drop by and help Shaun and his friend Bitzer deal with the challenges set by the Rangers of the farm. Encounter your favourite characters like Konal the Cockatoo, Shaun, Bitzer and also Kira the Koala.

The Pigs Playground

Book Paradise Country Tickets to get a chance to visit the awesome and interactive kid’s play area - the Piigs Playground. Boasting a number of fun slides and climbing adventures, the playground is filled with the Naughty Pigs who are on their way to annoy Shaun and his friends. Encounter them and simply lose yourself as you take part in the amazing activities.

Wildlife Photo Centre

Purchase Paradise Country Tickets to visit the sought after Wildlife Photo Centre in the Farm. Housing a number of animals including cute koalas, snakes and many birds, visiting this place is surely a must. Pose for photographs as the cute little koalas cling to your body. Also, visit the souvenir area to take home some really amazing animal souvenirs as a memory.

Exhibits at Paradise Country

Marmoset Monkeys

With Paradise Country tickets, get up close with the cute little Marmoset Monkeys at the Farmhouse Restaurant. These monkeys are the smallest of all the monkey species, yet are overloaded with incredible cuteness. Meet the young marmoset family as you dine at the restaurant, as they indulge in all such adventurous and notorious acts. You can also opt for an educational and interactive session, and also pose for photographs to take back worthy memories.


The Meerkats exhibit is a relatively new exhibit at the farm, home to some of the cutest mongoose species in the world. Located close to the Pig’s Playground, visit this exhibit to come encounter some of the most adorable meerkats. There is Mum Aya along with her eldest daughter Sarabi. The mother has given birth to two lovely twins - Keeya and Maliah. Book Paradise Country ticket price for a highly interactive experience where you can get to socialise and play with the meerkats, and also take delightful photographs with them.

Tasmanian Devils

With Paradie Country tickets, get a chance to experience some of the rarest and most devilish creatures found in the world - the Tasmanian Devils. They are the largest carnivorous marsupials to exist on Earth, and have immensely powerful jaw pressure. Meet Magra and Mawpaw, the two fierce devils in this exhibit. Although they may seem not much of an annoyance, their aggressiveness gives the keepers a tough time to take care of them.

Dingo Den

Another great animal exhibit at the park, visiting the Dingo Den is simply a joyous experience. Encounter a number of Dingos, which resemble dogs but are more like wolves. Their howls can be heard even a kilometre away. Although they may look fierce at times, they can be some of the softest creatures too. Currently, there are two dingos at the farm - Dundee and Bazza. They are calm, interactive and remain friendly with their caretakers.

Farmyard Play Paddock

With Paradise Country Discount Tickets, get to spend time at one of the most amazing places at the farm - the Farmyard Play Paddock. This is the archetype of an Aussie farm, as you'll find everything that can be found on a typical Australian farm. Sheep, horses, ducks, chicken and dogs are some of the creatures that can be found. The Paddock also houses Shaun’s Scraps and Taps, where the creative Flock has made out an amazing water play zone built from discarded items.


The Possums exhibit is another interesting exhibit which you must definitely visit at the Paradise Country. It houses the adorable nocturnal creatures - the Possums. The exhibit is relatively new and efforts have been taken to create an environment which is suitable for possums. Ally and Georgia are the two possums that can be found in this exhibit.

Experiences at Paradise Country

Save a Mate Ranger

Save a Mate Ranger is one of the key experiences to look out for in the farm. With Paradise Country tickets, enable your kids to join the wildlife keepers for a day. They will work alongside trained animal keepers and will be taking part in activities like handling animals, feeding them and also taking care of them. Watch their delighted faces as they encounter adorable animals like dingoes, koalas, Tasmanian devils and meerkats. Lastly, they will have an amazing lunch at the Farmhouse Restaurant, dining amongst the naughty marmosets.

Koala Encounters

Book your Paradise Country tickets to spend some amazing moments with koalas at the farm. Join the wildlife keepers as they take you on an encounter in the koala exhibit, where you can play with them and also feed them. Rejoice as you come across the adorable koalas, who are found sleeping and laying around or climbing up trees. You can also pose for photographs in this encounter with these cute animals.

Opal Mining

Opal Mining is one of the most thrilling and fascinating activities to indulge in at Country Farm. The mining operation will take place at Clancy’s Mine which is located close to the Farmhouse Restaurant. Grab your tools and axes and set off on an adventure in the mine to find the hidden gems. In case your hard work pays off and you discover a gem, feel free to take that home as a souvenir.

Gold Panning

With Paradise Country discount tickets, head straight to the Gold Panning area to take part in some fascinating activities. Gold panning is one of the simplest and a traditional way of extracting gold, and this experience lets you encounter that. Learn the art and process of gold panning, and keep your pans under the water and start panning out gold, gems and fossils.

Know Before You Book Paradise Country Tickets

Essential Information
How to Reach

1. Location:
Production Dr, Oxenford QLD 4210, Australia

2. Timings: - 10:00 AM - 03:0 PM (Monday- Friday) - 9:30 AM- 4:30 PM (Saturday & Sunday)

3. Best Time to Visit:

As for the daily timings, the best time to visit the Paradise Country is at its opening time as you can indulge in interactive experiences right from the beginning. Spring (September to November) and Autumn (March to May ) are the best seasons to visit the park using Paradise Country ticket prices.

  • By Car: It is around 20 kms from Gold Coast City Center and you can reach it in a 20 min car ride (or cab).

  • By Train: Arrive at Helensvale Station and then reach the location in about 5 min using a cab or taxi.

With Paradise Country Gold Coast tickets, you can dine at the Farmhouse Restaurant, which is the official dining area in the farm. The restaurant is simply amazing, offering amazing meals in a setting of greenery and wildlife. You can enjoy lunch which is offered every day. On Saturdays and Sundays, the restaurant provides a tasty buffet. Whereas on Fridays and Saturdays, you can find dinner options after 5 pm. You can also get a la carte breakfast during weekdays during school holidays.

With Paradise Country Gold Coast tickets, you can take part in the countless events that take place at the farm throughout the year. In the Sunday Sessions, you can enjoy a typical Aussie farm experience with Country music playing in the background. There are also numerous events organised for Christmas and New Years. For updates on recent events, make sure to visit the official website of Paradise Country.

FAQ’s of Paradise Country

What are some best animals to see in paradise country ?

With Paradise Country tickets, you can encounter a wide array of animals like the Tasmanian Devil, Marmosets, Dingo, Meerkats and Possums. You can also come across some of the most common animals like koalas, snakes, sheep, poultry and a number of exotic birds.

What is the best time to visit a paradise country ?

The best time to visit Paradise Country is early morning as the farm opens. As you can indulge in interactive experiences right from the beginning and experience less crowd. September to November and March to May are the best seasons to visit the park using Paradise Country discount tickets.

Why to book paradise country tickets ?

With Paradise Country Gold Coast tickets, you can get to visit one of the best Aussie farmhouses in Queensland. Apart from engaging in regular farming activities, you can also encounter some of the most exotic creatures like koalas, dingoes, meerkats and possums. Your kids can take part in a number of experiences and activities like Save a Mate, where they get to take care of animals. Everything apart, the experience is simply amazing, especially for families with kids.

What is the average costing of paradise country tickets?

Currently, the average paradise country ticket prices cost around 39.00 AUD (around 2,000 INR). You can also opt for Village Roadshow special passes which combine entry tickets to Paradise Country, Sea World, Movie World and Wet and Wild.

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