Springbrook National Park Tour

About Springbrook National Park

The Springbrook National Park tour takes you around this serene plateau, which is filled with subtropical rainforests and is surrounded by several smaller creeks. The plateaus here are known to be the remnants of the Tweed volcano. Since the Springbrook mountain is about 990 metres in height, several hiking activities also take place here. One of the most popular attractions in Gold Coast, the Springbrook National Park is located in the South East side of Queensland, and is blessed with some pristine landscapes, including several cascading waterfalls, cliffs, and some amazing forest walks. One of the most famous waterfalls here is the Purling Brook falls, and is a perfect spot to click some great pictures. Further, you can find several activities and things to do on your Springbrook National Park day tour, including the Walk Til You Drop activity, which has walking tours from 300 metres up to a whooping 54 kilometres, the Horse Riding activity, wherein you get to ride through the forests trails here at the Numinbah and Austinville areas of the park, and exploring the incredible, diverse, and rare flora and fauna here. Another best thing to do on your Springbrook National Park Tour, is to have a picnic in its lush green environment, with your friends and family. With Children play areas equipped with adequate safety measures, and the Barbeque area, relaxing here is an experience in itself. This is one of the best tours for a wholesome day out with your close ones.

Why to Book a Springbrook National Park Tour?

  • On your Springbrook National Park Tour, explore the Gondwana Rainforests, and other popular attractions here.
  • You can also indulge in a walking tour by the Natural Arch, and view some amazing landscapes.
  • Another highlight of the Springbrook National Park tours is the Best of All Lookout Track, which lets you indulge in the Antarctic beech forests, and you also get to view Mount Warning.
  • Moreover, the Springbrook National Park day tour lets you explore the five waterfalls present there, including the Purling Brook Falls, the Twin Falls, and the Rainbow Falls.
  • Be awed by the mesmerising sight of the Numinbah Valley, which is filled with high cliffs, and lush green pastures.
  • The Springbrook National Park tour also comes with some scrumptious afternoon refreshments along with some snacks as well.
  • Indulge in viewing over 200 rare species of birds and animals housed here, and also get to learn more about their habitat.
  • The Springbrook National Park Tour is one of the best activities to do for a fun day out with your friends and family.

Available Springbrook National Park Tours

There are about three interesting Springbrook National Park tours available, which take you through some of the most serene waterfalls, a live glow-worm cave, and introduces you to the dense rainforests teeming with birdlife. These tours are accompanied by a professional guide, and you get to explore at your own pace.

Natural Bridge & Springbrook Waterfalls Tour

This is one of the most convenient Springbrook National Park tours, taking no more than 16 people per tour, and also providing the facility of a round-trip transfer from hotels in Gold Coast. The Natural Bridge & Springbrook Waterfalls Tour lets you explore the Natural Arch, wherein you can visit the Basalt cave, and witness the water flowing through the roof, which dates back to millions of years ago. Moreover, relish the views of South Wales and Mount Warning, which lies in the centre of Tweed Valley. In this Springbrook National Park Tour, you also get to stroll through the Best of All Lookout Track, wherein you can pass by the rare Antarctic Beech forest. From here, you can head towards the serene Purling Brook falls. The Numinbah valley here, greets you with some spectacular views, and you get to know more about the wildlife here via live commentary. Do not forget to visit the Twin Falls, and the Rainbow Falls, and witness some kangaroos and wallabies playing around in the lush landscapes.

Springbrook National Park Full Day Tour

Among the best of Springbrook National Park tours, this tour allows you to view the dense rainforests, spectacular waterfalls, and interesting wildlife, all of them, in one place. Start your tour by viewing the magnificent Natural Arch along with an able guide, and move further into the temperate and subtropical forests to view the Twin Falls. Take a break once you have explored the waterfalls and rainforests here, and indulge in a relaxing lunch break, while you picnic in the lush surroundings. You can choose to further relax at the many flowing pools here. Click some amazing photographs of some native animals here, including the wallabies, birds, platypus, spotted quoll and even the wombats. This Springbrook National Park tour is one of the best ways to spend your day with your friends and family.

Springbrook & Tamborine Rainforest Glow Worm Day Tour

On this Springbrook National Park tour, explore the World Heritage area of Australia, along with an expert local guide, taking you through the Springbrook and Tamborine National park. First and foremost, witness the incredible Natural Arch, which is one of the top attractions in Gold Coast.Further, enter the rainforest after your guide, and get to see a documentary on the Glow worms. Once you finish watching the film, this Springbrook National Park Day tour provides you access to the actual cave, which is filled with live shining glow worms, and are thousands in number. Experience seeing them live, and get up and close with them.

Things To Do In Springbrook National Park

When on the Springbrook National Park tour, you can find several interesting things to do, including indulging in walking tours stretching up to 54 kilometres, or just having a leisurely time with your friends and family by setting up a picnic in the lush areas of the Springbrook National Park.

Walk Til You Drop

For all those looking for some thrill and adventure, the Springbrook National Park tours provide walking tours, which range from about a mere 300 metres to a massive 54 kilometres. On these walking tours, you get to pass through high ridge cliffs, and some amazing landscapes, including dense rainforests and some pristine waterfalls.


Counted among the best natural places to set-up a picnic in, the Springbrook National Park provides enough open green space for you to have some wonderful time with your family and kids or friends. Kids can indulge in the play areas which are child friendly, while you can also look out for the barbeque areas, which is another fun thing to indulge in when having a picnic on your Springbrook National Park tour with your friends and family.


Indulge in a beautiful and exciting horse ride in your Springbrook National Park tour, and explore around the beautiful forest trails located in the Numinbah and Austinville sections of this National park. Moreover, the horse ride is accompanied by an able guide and a trainer, and all the necessary safety measures are taken, before one indulges in the ride.

Explore Flora and Fauna

On your Springbrook National Park tour, experience and observe the beautiful flora and fauna, adorned in an incredible landscape. Home to over a 100 bird species, the flora and fauna housed here is unique and rare. You also get to see reptiles such as lace monitors and glossy black skinks, and even carpet pythons, while exploring the dense flora and fauna here.

Know Before You Book Springbrook National Park Tour

Essential Information

  • Location: The Springbrook National Park tours can be accessed at the following location:Springbrook Rd, Springbrook QLD 4213, Australia

  • Timings: The Springbrook National Park is open throughout the day.The Springbrook National Park tours can be accessed between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm everyday.

  • Best time to visit: The best time to access the Springbrook National Park tours is during the early hours of the day, when the crowd is less, and you get to indulge in exploring around at your own pace. Moreover, since the entire duration of the Springbrook National Park Day tour is about five to six hours, it is advisable to visit early.

How to reach

  • From Gold Coast: If commuting to the Springbrook National Park from Gold Coast, you can take the line 747 bus to the Robina Town Centre from the bus station at Gold Coast. From the Robina town centre, you can catch a taxi up to the Springbrook National Park.

  • From Sydney: If commuting to the Springbrook National Park from Gold Coast, you can catch a flight to the Gold Coast, and then board the line 747 bus to reach Robina Town centre, from where taxis are available for further commute.

FAQ's of Springbrook National Park Tour

Do we have to book in advance for the Springbrook National Park Tour?

Yes, it is recommended to book your Springbrook National Park tours online, in advance, in order to avoid rush, since it is a very popular tourist attraction, and can get crowded. Hence, if you wish to avoid long queues, and facilitate a hassle-free entrance, then it is advisable to get your Springbrook National Park day tour tickets online.

What is the best time to take the Springbrook National Park Tour?

The best time to take the Springbrook National Park Tour is during the months of December to March, since this period offers maximum daylight hours, and the temperature is pleasant to stroll around, approximately between 13 to 25 degree celsius.

What makes Springbrook National Park so famous?

Spread across a massive area of 61.5 square kilometres, the Springbrook National Park is divided into four zones, the Springbrook plateau, Mount Cougal to the south east, the Natural bridge, and the Numinbah to the west.

How many waterfalls are there in Springbrook National Park?

There are about four to five waterfalls in the Springbrook National park, out of which the Purling Brook Falls is one of the most popular attractions. The other waterfalls include the Twin Falls, the Goomoolahra Falls, and the Natural Bridge Waterfalls.

How long is the natural bridge walk?

The natural bridge is easily about 1 kilometre of walk in length, and it passes through forests teeming with birdlife.

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